Valdemar Hundebøll

Scotland National Team & Congaree Participant

Fall 2023, NCAA Qualifier

I am an elite junior golfer from Denmark, in search for the right college and golf roster for Fall 2023.

I have previously played for the Scottish National team. Now that I have moved back to Denmark, I have continued my success in both the classroom and the highest level of junior golf in Europe.


Recently, I have been lucky enough to be selected as part of the Congaree Global Golf Initiative which has opened my eyes further, to the benefits of playing US college golf. I am very interested in maximizing my education and continuing my golfing career when I complete High School, ready for Fall 2023 enrolment.

If you think you might have a good place for me on your golf roster for fall 2023, info or questions, please dont hesitate to contact me !

You can also reach out to my congaree athletic advisor, Lorne Kelly, at or checkout my schedule for this autumn for options to meet.